Social Trading – SquaredFinancial

Discover our top strategies and the traders behind them

With a minimum balance of 50 USD, you can choose one or multiple strategies to follow, while having full control of your positions.

Choose your favourite strategy, decide on the amount you want to use, the ratio,
and when to suspend your copied strategy.

Why opt for Social Trading

Save time

Copying the strategies of our influencers does not require manual intervention or constant monitoring

Gain a competitive edge

Learn from top traders and optimize your trading.

Diversify your portfolio

Copy as many strategies and traders as you want.

Have full control

You will stay in control of your accounts, trades and positions.

Manage risk effectively

Adjust various parameters that will keep risk at reasonable levels.

You don’t need prior trading knowledge

Social trading is suitable for beginners with no trading experience.

How to copy a trading strategy


Log in to your account


Navigate to Social Trading or Social Ratings


Use your trading account credentials and choose a strategy


Set and activate the copying process

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